Respirator Standard

The Evolution of Respiratory Protection: In Search for a Respirator Standard

Many companies face increasing risks associated with harmful airborne particulates in today's rapidly changing world, including healthcare, construction, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and many others.

NIOSH PAPR Difference?

NIOSH PAPR100 Vs PAPR HE : What is the Difference?

The coronavirus continues to cause heavy and rapid changes to the healthcare industry since it caused a pandemic and changed the world in 2019.

Nurse Safety

Nurse Safety vs. Safety in Nursing

We all know how important it is to ensure Safety in Nursing. As patients or futures patients, safety in nursing can, as it often does, save our life. That is pretty important! But what about Nurse Safety - what are the consequences of not equally ensuring nurse safety?

Maxair PPE equipment

For nearly 20 years, MAXAIR Systems is providing creative solutions to meet the needs wherever personal respiratory and contact concerns demand the highest quality of safety and comfort to the user. 

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