Client Testimonials

Testimonial - Lori Jones With BioSheen

"The transition to MAXAIR... It was a life changer. It allows us to work more efficiently."

Video Length: 1:02

Testimonial - PuroClean

"MAXAIR is exceptionally well above any respirator system I have ever used."
Video Length: 0:36

Testimonial - Joyce L. deJong

"Everybody has one, and so everybody puts them on when we're doing our cases. They have their MAXAIR CAPRs on..."

Video Length: 2:23

Testimonial - Annissa Coy With Firehouse Education

"These units are so lightweight it felt like.. like a bicycle helmet. Like I almost didn't have anything on. The field of vision is incredible."

Video Length: 2:05

First Impressions - David Hart

"My first impression was this looks really cool. I mean, it looks like something out of a futuristic movie."

Video Length: 2:30

First Impressions - Jamie Baumann

"I would say I thought it was space age technology.   I was just blown away by the comfort, fit and certainly the demo that was provided."

Video Length : 3:38

Paul B

Paul Bershatsky

CEO of AuntieGen

I had the pleasure of training with Jeff Jones recently and was exposed to the MAXAIR for the first time. I was extremely surprised how light and comfortable the apparatus was and how after just a few minutes feeling like I was not wearing anything at all. ...

Christiaan redbeard



Early on in the pandemic, the hospital I was staff at had limited supply of MAXAIR CAPR that they reserved for people who truly failed N95 fit tests. So, I had to shave and wear an N95 most of the time and I sooo missed my beard but especially my CAPR. ...

Frank Guadagnini, CRNA

Frank Guadagnini


Before I received my MAXAIR CAPR, I was in fear of exposure to the COVID-19 virus, and risking my life, every moment I was working at the medical center. Initially, we did not have an adequate supply of N95 masks. ...

Alex Coleman

Alex Coleman

ICU Nurse

My name is Alex and I am an ICU nurse. I used the MAXAIR PAPR for roughly about a year while caring for the massive influx of COVID-19 patients. It was an absolute life saver!! ...

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