Battery, Belt & Charger FAQ's

The 2500-36TSC Lithium-Ion Battery is the primary battery included in system configurations. It typically provides 8-10 hours of continuous use per full charge, ideal in a low particulate density concentration, filter loading environment, as a Hospital. This battery is small and lightweight. 

The 2500-37TSC Lithium-Ion battery is an alternate for all systems; it typically provides 12-15 hours continuous use per full charge. It is the same size and weight as the 2500-36TSC. 

The latest TSC battery design now includes a secure lock mechanism (spring loaded push-button operated) to ensure added safety of the connection between the power cord and the battery. 

NOTE: Thoroughly review the MAXAIR Ensure Readiness Program for proper care and use of MAXAIR Batteries. ((To view the MAXAIR Ensure Readiness Program, click here)

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