Filter Media FAQ's

Always be aware that MAXAIR Filters are for airborne particulates only; MAXAIR Filters are not for use where gases and vapors need to be filtered.

MAXAIR Cuff and Shroud Systems use individual Filter Caps and Filter Cartridges; Hood Systems use a filter that is integrated into the top of the Hood.

MAXAIR CAPR System Filters are classified by NIOSH as either PAPR HE or PAPR100-N. Table 1. below demonstrates the different filters, their NIOSH Classification, their APF, and their related filter efficiency minimums

filter table faqs min

Cuff and Shroud Systems – Filter Cartridges:

Page 8 of 13 The 2180-05 HE Filter Cap is MAXAIRs most recent filter innovation design for MAXAIR Cuff and Shroud Systems. This filter provides OSHA 1 APF of 25 and NIOSH HE level particulate filtering efficiency and Silica dust loading capacity at a very low cost. The 2167-10 XP and 2166-10 XP N-OV filter cartridges are convenient snap-on/snap-off filters for use with the MAXAIR CAPR Cuff and Shroud System configurations.

  • When used with Cuff Systems they are APF of 25 per OSHA 1 .
  • When used with Shroud Systems they meet OSHA’s requirements for APF of 1,000 per our engineering test data.
  • The 2166-10 XP N-OV Filter Cartridge additionally provides relief from nuisance levels 2 of organic vapors when used with both Shrouds and Cuffs.
  1. Page 14, Table 1., Note 4
  2. Levels below the OSHA PEL level, typically 5%-10% of the OSHA PEL.

Both Filter Cartridges are also Class PAPR HE and pass NIOSH Silica Dust loading testing

Hood Systems Filters:

  • CAPR Hoods have a filter integrated into their top. Depending on filter, see Table 1. above, the filter is either Class PAPR HE or PAPR100-N as indicated.
  • Class HE Hoods come with a NIOSH required HLF (Heavy Loading Filter).
  • Note that All MAXAIR Hoods may be worn with an optional High Fluid Resistant Filter Cover Cap for maximum fluid protection of the filter area.

PAPR Classes, HE and PAPR100, are primarily determined by filter capabilities, as indicated in the table below.

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