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MAXAIR CAPR Systems are uniquely designed, NIOSH Approved, Loose Fitting, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPRs) that are setting standards for today and the future of respiratory and contact protection.

CAPR Systems provide workers an unprecedented level of safety, comfort, convenience, and cost effectiveness while protecting them against harmful aerosolized particulates.

Depending on the Complete System selected, i.e. Cuff, Shroud, Hood, Hard Hat, MAXAIR CAPR Systems can provide respiratory, contact, fluid, head and/or Eye impact protection.

MAXAIR is a leader of the NO-Hose, integrated Helmet design, and our CAPR Systems are often referred to as The NO HOSE PAPRs.

The integrated MAXAIR Helmet eliminates the need for a cumbersome hose (breath tube) and bulky waist/back-mounted blower unit. Combined with its light weight, i.e. typical system weighs 2.26 pounds, 1.76 pounds for the Helmet and Face/Head Cover, MAXAIR CAPR is more mobile and comfortable for you to be able to work in any workplace setting.

The many different complete systems available fall within three primary groups –

  • Cuff* Systems - most cost effective, easiest to don/doff
  • Shroud* Systems - full 360 o Head and Neck protection
  • Hood Systems - full 360 o Head and Neck protection, high fluid resistance (ASTM 1671)

*relief from N-OV, nuisance levels of organic vapors, optionally available

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Maxair PPE equipment

For nearly 20 years, MAXAIR Systems is providing creative solutions to meet the needs wherever personal respiratory and contact concerns demand the highest quality of safety and comfort to the user. 

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